‘… if you would, do not go on without stopping by …  Let some water be brought, and wash your feet.  Rest under the tree.  I will get a morsel of bread for you to refresh yourselves.  Then you can continue on your way.  After all, you are passing by my house.’  Bereishit 18:3-5

At SHJC we see ourselves as Abraham and Sarah, with our tent open to you, typically with something to nosh!  Please join us, even if you are only passing through.  As you will see from this portal, there is much here we offer for you and yours.  Learn about our people and our programs.

We welcome you to study, pray, and serve with us!, Come, Engage, Participate…Belong!

Special Events

  • Refer a Friend

    Our very popular Refer A Friend promotion is back! All you have to do is refer a friend or family member to SHJC, and you get a $200 dues credit ($100 for Early Childhood families) after that friend or family member has been a member for one year. It’s that simple. For more information, please contact Lisa Travis at membership@shjc.org.

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Monthly Acknowledgements

This week’s e-notice

In the month of October 2016, Leagrams were sent to:

JODI GLADSTONE on Heather’s Bat Mitzvah
LORI & HAROLD GRAFSTEIN on Carly’s Bat Mitzvah
NANCY & ANDREW GLICK on Joshua’s Bar Mitzvah
LYNNE KURTZMAN on the birth of her granddaughter, Riley Belle
DANA & JOE SIMON on the marriage of Derek and Margarita
CARRIE & JIM DALE on being honored as Kallat/Hatan Bereshit
MELISSA & JEFFREY KREINCES on being honored as Kallat/Hatan Torah
MARK DIAMOND for his complete and speedy recovery
JEFF WEISSMAN for his complete and speedy recovery
SHEILA MAIMAN for her complete and speedy recovery
PHYLLIS SIMON for her daughter’s complete and speedy recovery
ROY GOODMAN for his father’s complete and speedy recovery
CARRIE & JIM DALE for Hallie’s complete and speedy recovery