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logo for bike1The SHJC Board of Trustees is responsible for the direction and oversight of all synagogue matters. These officers and trustees have committed themselves to their terms of service, working together to oversee committees, represent the membership, and provide leadership for the ongoing well-being of our community.

Thank you for all the hard work and dedication you have given to make this building a synagogue!
May the Holy One reward them, remove sickness from them, heal them, and forgive their sins.
May God bless them by making all their worthy endeavors prosper,
as well as those of the entire people Israel.

President Gwen Lichtman
Executive Co-Vice Presidents Yvonne Cort & Karen Lippman
Finance Vice President Alan Reid
Education Co-Vice Presidents Lesley Logue & Beth Ann Roos
Ritual Vice President
Membership Vice President Lisa Travis
House Vice President Keith Archer
Fundraising Vice President Janine Loewy
Co-Treasurers Jim Dale & LG Nadler
Programming Co-Vice Presidents  Blayne Peltzman & Gilit Stein
Corresponding Secretary David Wild
Recording Secretary Hilary Kalb
Sisterhood President Beth Melidio
Men’s Club President David Travis
Early Childhood Co-Liaisons Wendy Sherman and Lauren Tamas
Family Club Vice President Peter Rothman
Immediate Past President Mark Diamond


Sharon Albert, Willa Gerber, Les Girsky, Len Grubman, Cheryl Haiken, Keith Harris, Nancy Hauser, Martin Hauser, Martin Kunoff, Mindy Maze, Michael Needle, Jody Potash, Lois Rothstein, Roz Rudofsky, Phyllis Simon, Arlene Sirlin, Neil Smullian and Meyer Steinberg