Sisterhood Membership



SHJC Sisterhood’s purpose is to further Jewish values and to support programs which benefit the community.
Join us (fill out the form below) and become a vital member of our community.
Dues are $50 per year ($45 for those 65 or older).


How does Sisterhood help you?

If you have a child in Early Childhood …

                  Sisterhood gives Hanukkah presents and graduation presents

If you have a child in Religious School …

Sisterhood provides assistance to celebrate holidays
Sisterhood gives presents at their Bar / Bat Mitzvah

If you have a child in college …

Sisterhood sends packages for the High Holidays, Hanukkah, and Purim
Sisterhood gives presents to graduates

If you have a child going to Israel …

Sisterhood provides some spending money for the child

We support the Youth Group
We give financial support to the Synagogue throughout the year to keep dues in check
We support Synagogue programs
We hold educational programs
We support the Jewish Theological Seminary through the Torah Fund Campaign of Women’s League which provides funds for the education of future Rabbis, Hazzans, and Religious School educators
… and much, much more.

Membership VP
Randi Chavis


  • Please make checks payable to SHJC Sisterhood and mail to SHJC Sisterhood; 2600 New York Avenue; Melville, NY 11747 or Venmo @Minna-Maze