Religious School Family Education

“A Jewish home is where Judaism is at home.” – Abraham Joshua Heschel

Family Education at SHJC provides families and individuals the opportunity to celebrate the joys of Judaism in a communal setting, as well integrating ritual, practice and values into their home lives. We concentrate on promoting Jewish values and learning through interactive student-parent workshops for each grade in the Religious School.


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Religious School Family Education Programs include:
Creating a Jewish Bedtime: Incorporating Jewish values, stories and songs into bedtime routines.
Make your own Shema pillowcase or Jewish objects in the home – how many do you have and what are they used for?
Visit to the Discovery Museum at the Suffolk JCC

What’s in a Name?: What are Jewish naming customs?  Why is it important to remember who you are named after?  What is your Hebrew name?
Visit to the Discovery Museum at the Suffolk JCC


Shabbatland: Learn the rituals for family celebration of Shabbat and how it strengthens family life.  Make delicious Challah (even the chocolate chip kind!) .
Visit to the Discovery Museum at the Suffolk JCC

Jewish Lights: Learn why a Havdallah candle is twisted, some candle lighting customs and go on a Jewish Lights scavenger hunt in the sanctuary.

Brachot Fest: Learning the attitude of gratitude through blessings.  Create a birkat ha ‘bayit, a blessings plaque for your home.

Let’s celebrate Israel: Discovering the cities and land of Israel.  Enjoy authentic Israeli Food, music and dancing.


Celebrate Israel’s past by meeting our nation’s founders and how these people shaped the land of Israel.

How does G-d fit into our daily lives.  Explore ways we connect to G-d today.

Hesed Corps – Students participate in three mitzvah projects throughout the year which are showcased in a Friday night service presenting posters of highlights from the mitzvot.

Torah Experience.  Students are introduced to trop and read parts from the Torah on a Shabbat morning in the main sanctuary.

Trip to Glen Cove Holocaust Museum & Tolerance Center as culmination to Holocaust curriculum studied in class.

Mock Jewish wedding – the students experience what a traditional Jewish wedding would look like.